Designer / Architect FAQ’s 

  1. So what’s in it for me? Do I get paid for my work?
    Unlike so many other design contest sites, we believe in Quality over Quantity.  Therefore, each contest is limited to only 3 designers, and each designer is guaranteed payment for a completed design.

    % Guaranteed / Designer 20% 20% 20% 20%
    $ Guaranteed / Designer $60 $140 $300 $1,000
    % Winning Designer 30% 30% 28% 25%
    $ Winning Designer Bonus $90 $210 $420 $1,250
    WINNING DESIGNER $ TOTAL $150 $350 $720 $2,250

  2. Where do the clients come from?
    Dezignable is responsible for bringing in the clients. We want professionals to focus on creating great design so we will bring the clients to you.
  3. Who can sign up as a designer?
    Anyone with a design or architecture degree or is currently a student in a design/architecture program.
  4. What does it cost to sign up?
    Nothing. It is free to sign up and complete your profile. We do not plan to ever charge professionals for being part of our community.
  5. Can I share work in my portfolio that I did in a previous job?
    Yes. We want to see the full background of each professional. We encourage you to share all kinds of work that show your full talents and style. Please make sure you have the rights to use any photography and give credit where credit is due.
  6. Are professionals required to deliver full drawings or is this a concept design?
    This is a concept design. We want to provide the client with a complete design concept but there is not the expectation that construction drawings or final spec drawings are provided.
  7. Who decides how much I get paid?
    Clients pick the package that fits their project need.  The award amount is dependent on the size of the package. Each professional that participates in a contest receives a portion of the award and the winning professional gets a bonus on top of the participation award.


  1. Jonathan Hart

    I run a small studio based interior design business on the side and am hoping to eventually be doing it full-time. I’m very interested in your program. I’d love any additional information you have or what you are looking for in potential designers.

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